On Friday afternoon the Centre for Journalism welcomed Sarah Ivens, editor of OK! Magazine in the US, to the newsroom. With her she brought experience of working in multiple publications across this country and abroad, and an obvious passion for journalism that was evident throughout the Q&A session.

A University of Kent graduate, Sarah agreed to speak to the undergraduates at the Centre about her relatively short career, including her time in New York as editor of OK!, dropping in stories of fearsome editors and crazy celebrities along the way. Everyone enjoyed the talk and I’d like to thank her on behalf of all us students for coming in to speak to us.

Perhaps Sarah can take a minute out of her busy schedule to register on this website and hopefully stay in contact with the Centre for Journalism in the future, as she offered real inspiration to the rest of us.

Thank you very much Sarah!


Good post Nick. Although I didn't go to the lunch with her after the Q & A, she was great to listen to, very self-depricating, nice, honest, realistic and very entertaining. She gave a real insight in to the magazine journalism business and the media generally. I for one would be happy to see her keep contact with us on the journalism site.

Thanks Sarah.

A big thank you...