There's a new book out about foreign correspondents during the Spanish Civil War called We Saw Spain Die by Paul Preston, I'm going to get a copy and anyone is welcome to borrow it. It's got good reviews from what I can see.

Also, I know I keep going on about this but I can't recommend enough the library services that are in our subject guide. There are loads of articles, particularly in the British Journalism Review, about the Spanish Civil War, and we have access to newspaper archives through the university that we otherwise wouldn't be able to read. If anyone would like to be shown how to search through the databases and journals I'm happy to help, and I know our librarian Sarah Root is too. It's quite self-explanatory, though.

The UKPressOnline facility is only available for another week as it's a trial, and there are hundreds of newspaper articles from the Spanish Civil War on it.The link to that is also in our subject guide.


I'd love any help you could give with library stuff for the essay, whenever you have any free time...

I'll show you tomorrow if there's time. If not then next week sometime.

Cool thanks :)


Thank you John. I am delighted that you have discovered the library resources to which I have been seeking to direct attention since the beginning of term. They are superb. Re the Paul Preston book - I think it may prove exceptionally useful. I have not read it yet but the reviews are very positive and I have ordered it and will read it.    

Thanks John,

Please don't hesitate to get in contact if you do want any help locating articles for you research or just a few pointers regarding what is available online and some effective ways of searching. Please contact me for a quick introductory session or call 01634 883027

I'd also appreciate any feedback you have regarding the trial services. UKPressOnline and BBC Motion Gallery are currently on trial.


Book for the essay