Universities at Medway may lack nightlife, but three students from the campus entertained themselves on a drunken night, by charging at bollards and getting arrested.

The first-year students had drunk heavily in the campus’ pub Coopers, before spending a night in a cell after causing the disturbance outside the Medway Campus. Despite nearly half of campus students describing Medway’s nightlife as ‘bad’, Dan, 19, who was one of the students arrested, had a “brilliant” time.

However, a survey conducted by the campus’ Centre for Journalism recorded only six per cent of 16 students declaring Medway’s nightlife as ‘good’, 44 per cent rated it “bad”, and 31 per cent failed to comment.

Although thoughts differed about the campus, students agreed there were: “divisions between the universities”.

27-year-old Pharmacy student Azher Iqbal, lambasted the campus’ facilities by describing the gym as: “Something out of the 1970s".

Iqbal added: “Though for £50 you can’t complain”.

Edele Barnett, 20-years-old, studying Marine Engineering, commented: “Although the accommodation is good, Coopers could be better and is open publicly, rather than students only.”

According to the University of Kent website, 600 Medway students at Kent will have the chance to gain accommodation at a “state-of-the-art” facility at Chatham Riverside, which is set for completion in late summer 2009.


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Booze-fuelled bollard bashers disgrace Medway campus