Hello, this is your captain speaking...

Right lads, we're looking for a couple budding football stars amongst you! A group of us third years formed a rather fine team in first year to play each week in a 7-aside PlayFootball league in Medway. We've been title challengers from the beginning and want to strengthen ahead of the new season (and the final season for us third years) in the Premier league division.

After a squad evaluation our ideal candidates include:

- A holding midfielder, so a Kante-esque player who is willing to sit and provide some defensive stability. Of course it helps if you're good on the ball too, but we want some guys who can defend.

- AND WE ARE DESPERATE FOR A GOAL KEEPER!! We'll even save you the trouble of buying gloves. 

So is there a Kante or Vincent Kompany amongst you, maybe a David de Gea?  Frankly, if you think you're a decent player and are willing to work hard for the team, then let us know!

We play on a Tuesday night for 40mins, any time from 6.30pm-9pm. 

So if you think you can handle it on a cold Tuesday night in Gillingham, comment below or message me on Facebook!

Sincerely yours,

El Capitan


After the success they had last season for Gillingham CfJ on Football Manager, I'm disappointed that Ian "Reevaldo" Reeves or Gerardo didn't pipe up yet...

I'm deffo a keeper lads, ask Usaia

What on Earth is a 'Kante'?

Have a word with my agent. If you can afford my buyout clause, I'll listen to offers...

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