The power of snow has exerted itself again. The campus is officially closed again, today, Tuesday February 3. Very sorry. I shall be in my office if anyone wishes to telephone me. In Scotland we play golf in conditions like this. 


I appreciate the info, much more efficient than the Uni of Kent website and Medway office, despite my persistence. :D to the golf comment!

On Monday, I received information 'officially' from Kent Uni on my email 9 minutes before lessons started, heh.

CfJ website was a lot more faster. Good-good.

9 minutes before lessons started...? So you were up early, Jaak...

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Nice one Ian :).

Lol at Ian that is hilarious, was going to text Jaak like I did everyone else but didn't have your number :S

Nick says Guitar Hero Bec I'm in now that I'm done being a loser and writing articles at 8.30 in the morning

Buses in the Blitz? Really? That is rather shameful actually.

P.S Tim, if we're really stuck for ideas can I come in and edit some video?

The newsroom is open until 1pm, I think, during the 'snowstorm'.


I have been blasting my ears with Reuben... I can't really hear anymore. (Or am I making excuses for being poor at Guitar Hero? Either way the CfJ boy band's going down at World Tour)

Think I might go out and shoot a swift 18 holes in Surrey this morning if anybody cares to  join me.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Laura was telling us yesterday how everyone just gets on with it in Germany if it snows. It's brilliant here in England how everything grinds to a halt after just a few inches, haha!

And it's the 3rd today, Tim! Unless your assuming we're closed tomorrow too!

they have 6 inches in my hometown. Boo. Let me add that to my list of why I don't like this place.

Let's go hit the slopes, because they will be ice by now.

P.S. We're slowly running out of take-away places to eat. What are we going to do today my lovelies?! 

I was rather amused to see headlines like "the country in a standstill" and "biggest snowstorm in 18 years". All sounded a bit apocalyptic.

Then it said, 10cm was expected, Medway had about 4 cm. 

THAT is not a snow storm. That's just a bad day (considering, it was sludge mostly, not proper snow). 

It is an embaressment. It said on the news last night, the bus services didn't even stop during the Blitz... but snow... OH GOD! 


Just a spelling mistake. I say just, but it's important.

Sorry about the date error folks. I have corrected it now. It is indeed February 3 and the campus is still closed.. I almost did that on the masthead of a newspaper once. Shame this website doesn't have a huge, Glaswegian production editor with a PhD in attention to detail and an addiction to pedantry. Having said that...

Campus closed again