A fascinating read on the Guardian Website. 

As Global Warming morphs into the Climate Emergency, a discussion on the images and tone used to report the crisis. Do pictures of melting sea ice and fluffy polar bears present an impending global catastrophe and if not, what should the picture desk use instead? How should climate change be reported?

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Here is a quote from a photographer,  Jack Picone, who I follow on Facebook ...

...an insightful read. Useful statement, "It can also be difficult for photographers to capture images that reflect global heating, weather patterns and wildlife extinction, especially when trying to depict what cannot always be seen" not dissimilar to the question of how does one photograph something that is invisible? She not only tells us how to do it but how to avoid visual tropes when doing it.


I can't help but compare the image above with iconic image from the Vietnam war. Is this were we are at with the Climate Emergency?


A Changing Perspective on Climate Change