I'd like to keep the site ticking over during the Christmas break, so am proposing a New Labour-style package of measures to stimulate the blogging economy during those bleak, lesson-free weeks. So I'll be offering music vouchers (itunes or an alternative) for the following:

Best student blog posting about a journalism issue

Best student general blog posting

Best comment

Best Pick of the Day. I've changed the permissions so that everyone can add Pick of the Day content. Each of you should try to add at least one Pick of the Day entry between now and the start of term.

In the meantime, enjoy Christmas and the New Year.


Are staff included in the package? If so, I am going to do little else for the next four weeks but post on the site. Well, actually I may blog anyway, if only to alert spread further the latest on the  Iraqi shoe-thrower.

I was intending to blog anyway even before I read this post, but Ian, I must thank you for the incentive.

Even if this only appeals to me and my music addiction and my ridiculous 137 song list blah blah blah haha, then at least it'll make one person happy.

Fear not, I will blog soon. AND in advance (even though I'm not sure I'll actually win any of these vouchers, as I don't think arrogance is in my persona) thanks for the choonage, if I win haha :).

PS If I ever release an album (which is highly unlikely) then I will be under the title Van Whatever and call the album 137, as a tribute to Kat and Becci's ignorance towards Van Halen =p haha and the stupid number of songs in THAT list.

happened to our journalism band?! Acoustic night is going to be pretty empty without it.

Also, each time I click on the Sark blog it says access denied... Tell me it's not just me?

p.s. London piss up soon, kids - Fleet Street style?!

It's a good question. We need Tim to join us for air guitar though, definitely haha!

Seriously though, I would like to - but I can't play any instruments (despite attempting the guitar) though I'm going to try and learn the keyboard properly (despite a feeble attempt when I was younger doing music at school) soon when I buy one - though I know keyboards aren't very rock haha. I'll sing for you though instead. I'll be the typically musically inept vocalist who just croons a few lyrics without being able to have a clue on how to play an instrument! haha :).

It's true, I dunno what's up with the Sark blog.

Haha nice one, liquid lunches all round I think!

Yes, you can't see that blog any more. I will explain next term.

I play guitar and bass if there is, and am definitely up for a band.

Can't believe how little work we have over Christmas, all my mates have essays and exams to revise for. This course is sweet.

I only mentioned it after one too many snakebites, but I suppose if people actually want to...


I think everyone deserves a break! I seem to be wasting a lot of time shopping. Urgh! Each time I come home with a pocketful of change. Silly VAT cut. I think a cut in income tax would have been more useful. At least then I wouldn't be walking around jingling like a man with keys in his pocket. =[

I love my loose change... my ash tray is... was full of change, its really useful for parking and general usesage for cheap things like sweeties and drinks. I actually had £20 worth of change in my tray after i emptied it yesterday and i DID empty it! *looks around paranoid*

I read this and giggled.

Considering every other course in the whole of England is finished for the summer... :)

The course is still sweet though :D

is still non-existent... I miss playing music. 

My housemate was shocked when she found out I still has exams. I didn't mention the looming coursework deadline too... Honestly, why do we still love this place?!

I resent that! It was Becci's ignorance not mine! Van whatever is not a Kat quote, grr lol

Sorry for implicating you lol. I could have sworn it was both of you who didn't know them. I will wash my mouth out with soap and water haha.

Clearly there is no escape.

Christmas blogging