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Is there any chance we can have this earlier on? Perhaps in the week beginning the 16th as two days before the exam seems a bit late. Also, is one session enough to cover all three years?

Ok, I'll put another one in for Weds 18th. Just be clear, though, these sessions are not a substitute for you planning your own revision programmes. There aren't many departments in the university that do any revision sessions at all.

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

Thanks. I think some of us feel unprepared as we have only had two actual convergent lessons this year instead of the eight that we were supposed to have, so we would find the sessions useful. 

Could we have more than one please?

I think we all have a gap of at least a week before the convergent exam and one session to cover three years two days before the exam would be a bit heavy. 

Convergent Journalism 3 revision session