It seems there is no end to the criticism the BBC has received as of late...

 firstly with the playboy behaviour of Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross’ prank phone calls to Andrew Sachs and now Jeremy Clarkson’s insulting remarks on the popular BBC2 show Top Gear.

Clarkson’s somewhat irresponsible actions on Sunday night’s edition of the automobile programme have come under scrutiny for being dangerous and encouraging reckless stunts on the road, but what has sparked complaints to the BBC were the comments he made regarding lorry drivers.

He is quoted as saying that all lorry drivers do is, “change gear, change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute,” a statement which outraged many members of the profession as he demonstrated his opinion on the difficulty of their job just a few days ago.

The BBC has already received 517 complaints from people who are less than impressed with Clarkson claiming that he should be sacked because his remarks are more serious than the ones made by Brand and Ross which sparked 30,000 complaints. The programme is not currently under investigation as Ofcom is set to clear him.

The question which came into my mind as I read the down pager in the Daily Mail today was, will this become yet another condemnation of BBC presenters behaviour on air? Can we expect another week of the papers brandishing the same headlines for days on end, on things that have been said by men who are not known for their tact or maturity? Let’s hope not.

The Brand saga is finally vanishing from the tabloids and broadsheets alike, it would be a shame if the same news was dredged up again but with a different celebrity in the spotlight.


To be honest, Clarkson has said worse, nothing will come of this I don't think. It's only because of the Ross/Brand saga this is being highlighted.

Warning Football Reference:

It's like when the 2 footed tackles were suddenly thrust into the spotlight, one bad incident, suddenly all incidents were being examined with a fine tooth comb. 

Anyway, I think Jeremy Clarkson is probably something neither Brand and Ross are as regards the BBC, and that is pretty much untouchable (leaving out extreames), he is a cult figure and many consider him a national treasure. 

He has said worse as I mentioned before, he's attacked lorry drivers before and thats nothing compared to what he has said about Americans, the Welsh and Australlians. I don't think he has ever made a sincere public apology. 

It certainly would be out of character for him. I've heard him say worse you're right, but as you say when one person does something wrong there always seems to be a ripple effect.

and then you steal my blog idea, Kathryn! :D

I love TopGear, but I dislike Clarkson. If I was going to write a list of all the things Clarkson has said that could cause offence it would be as long as one of Stuart's comments. The programme's known for it. It's a shame it's not known for cars anymore...

p.s. I know who the Stig is! 

p.p.s. That advert we all saw at the cinema last night (the one about driving causing deaths - it had that really shit joke in it) is also getting complaints.

Blimey - you know who The Stig is? Sounds like time for a Centre for Journalism expose...

Ian Reeves is head of the Centre for Journalism

and repeat: Noooooooooooooooo

Jesus, people will complain about anything...

I take offense to that!

Could Clarkson be the next Brand?