Firstly, I'd like to congratulate Barrack Obama on a landslide victory following on from a campaign which has embraced and captured the hearts of Americans. His election as next President is a monumental historical event, and I truly believe that he is capable of improving the current financial situation. However, we have yet to see any concrete evidence of policies which will systematically change the electorate's lives for the better. I'm sure he is full to the point of bursting with political breakthroughs, but the hype of the election has in my eyes clouded over this somewhat.

It's a shame that the British public cannot encompass elections here with the same passion. But that's probably down to the archaic features of the Government and the lack of millions of pounds worth of advertising funds. Still, wouldn't it be nice to see people crying tears of joy in June 2010 (or maybe earlier).  




I agree, Alex. It would be nice if elections were made more of an event over here. 131million people voted this year in America, that is astonishing. However we don't really produce politicians with that sort of charisma. I don't know who I will vote for this election because I don't really feel I can trust any of them. I am leaning more towards Labour and Brown if i'm honest, although it does seem unlikely that he will win. Back to my point, America seem to create characters, beacons of hope and trust, they're almost like heroes. McCain was the "True American" and Obama was the "New Dawn"

Say David Cameron does guide the Conservatives back into Downing Street, we won't lavish praise upon him and say "This is a new beginning", criticism will begin almost immediately, we will look for a ways to bring him down. Like our sports stars really.

There is a point somewhere I'm sure of it.

The Hard Work Is Yet To Come