Hello First Years!

On the 3rd, 10th and 17th of December we are very much looking forward to meeting our prospective UCAS journalism applicants for 2009 and we would like you all to be involved in this year's recruitment process. 

I'm looking to employ six student guides for each of those days to conduct tours of the campus and its facilities from 0930 to 1300 hours.

If you are interested please come and see me as soon as possible. 

We would also like to invite all of you to join us and our visitors at a buffet lunch on each of those days.  Lunch will be served at 1300 hours in the Newsroom.  You know better than the rest what it's like to go through this process so come along and make our visitors feel welcome.  Just so you know we will be having further interview days in early 2009 as well.

Look forward to seeing you soon!


An institution's best asset is its people - that's definitely our undergrads!