Truly, this is a story with legs. Also feet. And more seriously, the broken bones of the shoe-thrower. 

There are so many elements to savour it is hard to know where to start.

What about the supporter who wanted to put the shoes into a museum,
only to find out that the shoes have been destroyed in the course of
testing them for explosives?

Or the copycat shoe thowing in Ukraine?

What about the shoe-throwing riot
against American troops in Iraq (see yesterday's papers -- I told you
it is hard to keep up with all this stuff)? The troops didn't quite enter into the spirit and apparently shot back with real bullets but aimed over the crowds' heads.

And one can only marvel at "Sock and Awe", the new online game craze. (46 million shoes have struck Bush's head as of yesterday afternoon.)

Alternatively, there are the gifts being offered by a grateful Arab
world, such as offers of brides and money and a limousine. But will the
shoe-throwing guy's apology spoil his chances of getting his hands on
the loot and the brides?

Iraqi shoe guy: the latest