For multimedia journalism class the last assignment for term is related to online journalism, to create a way to showcase an interesting or relateable story through an online structure. We need to contact someone and ask to tell their story, they cannot be family or other classmates.

So, who do I know that's interesting? Matthew Harffy. He is the author of a well-known historical fiction series The Bernicia Chronicles.

I met Matt through our mutual friend James. In March 2019 James reached out to me to see if I would be interested in helping Matt adapt his book into a screenplay.

For those of you who do not know, I am a Year in Journalism student. What that means is I study journalism for a year along side MA students between my second and third year of my undergrad. My undergrad is in Film Studies, which is why James originally reached out to me to help with the screenplay. Screenplay writing was one of my modules in my second year. Unfortunately, I was unable to help as much as I would have liked to.

A few weeks before we were given the assignment I had seen on social media that they had actually just started production so I reached out to James and Matthew to see if I could interview them for my assignment. While chatting about what the assignment was and what I would need from them they actually offered me an incredible opportunity. 

They were going to be filming on location in Oxfordshire and invited me to join them there for my assignment since it would be the most convenient time to get to interview them together. I agreed and made the needed arrangements. (Shout out: Thank you Kayleigh!) 

Shortly after the plans were made, they found out that the man who was meant to be joining the production for behind the scenes work was unable to make it to Oxfordshire so they asked if I would be interested in doing it for them. How could I say no!? 

For two days we were on location at The House of Wessex which was beautifully and authentically rebuilt from the 7th century. 

I got to meet the founders of the award-winning Welsh production company CineMerse, as well as a handful of experienced and professional actors/actresses. 

There was a small table set up behind the building for the cast and crew to hang around and chill between takes.

I was able to do hero shots of actors/actresses around the whole property, as well as film mini interviews for a behind the scenes video. 

Everyone who came to set was friendly, high energy and such a pleasure to meet and work with. 

I spent two days essentially getting a glimpse at what I would want some of my future to look like.

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Looking into my future