I just wanted to recommend the current ballet at the Royal Opera House, Manon. I have never been to a ballet before and I was utterly blown away. It was without a doubt one of the best performances of any kind I have ever seen.

It's a heart-rending tragedy set in 18th century Parisian squalour (think Les Mis) with an ill-fated pair of lovers at its centre (think Romeo and Juliet).

With ballet having such a strictly defined style, I was amazed at the sheer depth of emotion that was conveyed through the dancing. By the end, I was near to tears. Massively-enourmously-hugely recommended.

What did people think of the new Bond film? Or any other films? I'd be really interested to see more reviews up here.


Thanks John, Wow that sounds great,

It's always appealed to me but i have never managed to get round to seeing a ballet, although i would really like to, look forward to hearing more about it tomorrow :)

ps- do you know how long it is on for?

Manon - the ballet