If you havent been following, the event started late last evening. Essentially: a major terrorist attack with car bombs, squads with automatic weapons and grenades - coordinated attacks on (mostly luxury) hotels, hospitals, theaters, railway station and others, all in different parts of the city.

Several important heads of agencies have already been killed, including the anti-terrorist government agency. Reports are of already 87 casualties, with about 240 injured.

Reportedly terrorists havebeen filtering out hostages with American and British passports. There are even hostages from the European Parliament and major TNCs, who were there for meetings.

India has already seen an increase of terrorist attacks recently - however, the attacks have generally been remote attacks with bombs. This is a major event, as there are now coordinated groups with objectives and major assault weaponry.

A huge setback to the worldwide policy of anti-terrorism. Reporters are already comparing this event to the 9/11.

Surprisingly, at this moment, one of the most fastest sources of updates for the news are social sites like Twitter, Flickr and Wikipedia ; also CNN-IBN live stream ; a Googlemap showing the locations

Alot of reporting and information is coming in to newssources through people themselves - MMS, SMS, phone calls, emails, pictures and videos uploaded/sent.



03:37 - The terrorists have now dug in and are continuing the hostage-situations. Police and military (who had been called in to assist the situation) are possibly preparing to storm the locations - they are gearing up with teargas and bulletproof shields.

Terrorists had during the night hijacked a police van and opened fire on civilians from the van.

New statistics are coming in: 87 dead, 187 injured, 11 police casualties and 18 injured, 5 terrorists dead and 9 detained.

Bomb defused near Vidhwad Bhawan.

Terrorists 'holed' up in Nariman House. A sign of a longstanding 'endgame' ahead - hostage situation to be resolved.

Several terrorists have fled in goverenment and police cars.

03:44 - Live coverage stopped as a police request. Notification of operations starting to resolve the hostage situations.

One terrorist reported to have been hit, most likely a work of the police/army sniper.

NSG operation begins in several locations; including Taj Hotel, Oberoi Hotel and others.

Several Brazilian hostages reported - a Brazilian spokesman (??) has called to CNN-IBN and shared a helpline for any nationals in need.

Many declarations from different heads of nations has come in, supporting the India government and offering help; including UN Secretary General, Obama, Brown, and others.

03:58 - Confirmation of operations coming in. Firefight has been heard by eyewitnesses and reporters.

The attack-squads came in from the sea on boats. From there they hijacked several cars and continued to different areas of Mumbay to carry out the attacks.

04:10 - New reports: 100 casualties, including several high-ranking officials in the anti-terrorist agency, encounter agency and quick-reaction groups.

CST train station attacked - many of the attacked targets are considered as the landmarks and idealogical symbols of India.

Cama Hospital has been reported to have been cleared of terrorists and the hostage situation ended.

BSE and NSE trading has been closed until further notice, due to the terrorist attacks.

Twitter has a special channel, with extremely fast updates on the situation from eyewitnesses: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23mumbai


Twitter: "commandos have taken position at the NCPA building next to trident <ndtv>"

NDTV live stream not responding. Government supposedly asking Twitter to be shut down to avoid detailed information leaking to the terrorist.

TW: "Footage being shown on TV - A family trapped has written "Save Us" on their hotel room window"


"President-elect Obama strongly condemns today's terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and his thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, and the people of India. These coordinated attacks on innocent civilians demonstrate the grave and urgent threat of terrorism. The United States must continue to strengthen our partnerships with India and nations around the world to root out and destroy terrorist networks. We stand with the people of India, whose democracy will prove far more resilient than the hateful ideology that led to these attacks," said Brooke Anderson, Chief National Security Spokesperson.


04:30 - AP reports about a suicide bomb attack on the US Embassy in Kabul. Casualties unknown. Question is: any relation to Mumbay attacks?

Militan in Oberoi hotel, says he wants liberation of "Mujahideens" in India and that Muslims in India should not be oppressed. (Reuters)

Taj Hotel being evacuated. No info on terrorists in there or hostage situation. NDTV reporting still 100 people hostage in Taj. NSG and army commandos are preparing. NSG commandos ready at Trident hotel.

Many foreigners reported to be in the Taj Hotel.


NDTV live video link (NDTV is still reporting on police/NSG/army locations and actions live - from distance).

"The situation is still not under control and we are trying to flush out any more terrorists hiding inside the two hotels," said Vilasrao Deshmukh, Maharashtra state chief minister. (Reuters)

Live NDTV coverage - gunshots and explosions heard in the distance.

An organization calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen said it was behind the attacks, television channels said. The previously little known group sent an email to news organizations claiming responsibility. (Reuters)

The PM is reported to be closely watching the events unfolding. Furthermore, he cancelled the campaign-related visit to Delhi. Also, he called an emergency meeting and is said to be preparing to adress the nation.

04:43 - NDTV is reporting atleast 7 foreigners dead. Schools and universities to stay closed for the day.

New reports: 101 dead, 14 of them police, at least 6 foreigners. About 250 injured.

Repeated requests from the police to stop media coverage of the operations.

04:49 - IBN reporting of 8 kgs of RDX (explosive) being found near the Taj.

PM reported to have canceled ALL rally meetings for the day. PM will speak to the people, however, only after the military operations.

04:56 - Altogether, 11 locations have been attacked by the terrorist squads. The streets are 'absolutely empty' (NDTV).

GT Hospital has been liberated from the terrorist control. This is following the chase of the terrorists, where they rushed into the hospital. Whole city of Mumbai on high alert - barricades have been put up in

Reports of 4 civilian casualties in Kabul, due to the US Embassy bombing (Reuters).

NSG has reportedly recovered some explosives from Taj.

Most of the infrastructure and transport services running.

Casualty reports vary: CNN-IBN is still reporting 100 dead, 187 injured, 11 police casualties and 18 injured; NDTV reporting 101 dead, 14 policemen dead and 9 foreign casualties.

05:10 - NDTV is also reporting 1 navy casualty and 1 critical. Furthermore, 40-50 hostages reported and 4-5 terrorists inside Taj Hotel. Information and cause given for such a long delay: the army is doing room-by-room examinations and securing the location against booby traps/bombs.

Pakistan offered full intelligence assistance and support in securing a hotline between the two countries intelligence chiefs. This comes following a tense relationship between the two countries.

05:18 - NDTV reporting connection between the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiyeba, in Pakistan, and the group behind the current attacks, Deccan Mujahideen, who is claiming responsibility.

3 terrorists reported to have espaced.

NDTV: 200 NSG commandos in Mumbay.

Twitter comment: "Rare moment in histroy, India and Pakistan come together to share intelligence. This is a step forward."

05:35 - Army is out at 3 locations. Reports of about 100 people still trapped (both hostages and others) in Taj Hotel.

05:38 - NDTV remembering people that it's no longer showing live pictures, on the request of the army. Furthermore, army has said that 'TV has been disconnected in the hotels'. A sign of the soon to come storming of the hotel.

"If the reports are true, our security correspondent Frank Gardner says it implies an Islamist motive - attacks inspired or co-ordinated by al-Qaeda", reported BBC following the reports of terrorists singling out UK and US citizens.

The Government has completely excluded any possibilities of negotiations with terrorists. The government forces have called for a complete surrender.

England cricket-team is reluctant to travel to Mumbay, which was the next city on the tour. A meeting between the league officials is reported to be taking place.

05:53 - Some mixed reports of a politician (?) arriving at the scene of one of the hotels (Oberai hotel) . It is thought thatsome sort of negotiations have started. Also displays the level of seriousness of this event on a political, national and even international level.

Oberai hotel is considered to be one of the most important hotels in the city, as many important officials and businesmen mostly visit the hotel.

NDTV reports of 5-7 terrorists still in the Taj hotel and 3-9 terrorists in the Trident hotel. Police dont have a precise fix on the number. Operations in both places still under way.

Eyewitness says 'people shot in corridors'.

CNN-IBN reports of a bag full of cash found near the Taj hotel. Possible relation to the attacks unclear.

06:04 - Mumbay has now been under siege for more than 12 hours now.

06:12 - PTI reports English cricket teams tour to be cancelled.

A report of a family still to be held hostage at Nariman house. Army info says, that 800 army personnel in the city of Mumbai.

06:14 - Emergency vehicles pulled up at the Taj. Unsure, if some foreign hostages have been released. Some people have seen exit the Taj Hotel front porch. (Later confirmed, that not hostages)

Reports of 9 foreign casualties.

Stretchers removed from the ambulances and are being taken into the Taj hotel. Reports of large amount of bodies inside.

06:24 - A British envoy (British High Commisioner, 6:27) confirms 7 injured British citizens. Fears are strong, that a lot more are still held hostage.

06:33 - BBC reports on the attack on the live broadcast, and calls it 'very disturbing'

"The demands came as the death toll in the terror attacks rose to 101, with six foreigners among the dead, according to police. Another 287 people have been injured, of whom at least seven are British, according to the British High Commissioner in India." (The Times)

BBC is now finally tuning in on a major scale aswell. The seriousness and the detailed planning of the military-style attack.

NDTV reporting increased estimates on the hostage numbers. Said to be reaching hundreds now. Bodies have been brought out on stretchers.

06:52 - 'With a reported 40 Britons held hostage, the terrorists have the upper hand...' (The Times)

CNN-IBN reports 2 MPs trapped inside one of the hotels.

06:54 - Fresh gunfire heard inside the Trident Hotel. About 100 hostages told still be inside the Trident. Many Israelis told to be hostages, also Canadians, Americans and British. Negotiations underway with the terrorists.

07:02 - BBC reporting of only 7 locations of firefights and/or encounters.

07:12 - NDTV repeats the number of 11 for attacked locations.

07:20 - NDTV says official sources are saying that absolutely no negotiations are taking place. A Deputy Minister commented that no such action has been taken. However, the reporter said that she has had 3 officials, unofficially, saying that negotiations are taking place. Rumor is that already ransom and freeing of some random prisoners is taking place.

NDTV has now cut the estimated amount of hostages from 100 to 30, the terrorist count is supposedly 12 in the Trident hotel. Also, the terrorists are moving hostages from floor to floor.


An amazing collection of photos of the night and the events: link.


CNN-IBN reporting that 3 hostages have been able to espace from the Nariman house, 6 bodies taken out of the Taj Hotel so far.

07:32 - CNN-IBN calls this 'the most spectacular terrorist event since 9/11'.

07:40 - Major firefight and explosions happening in Trident. Loud explosions and gunshots. Police pushing people and journalists away.

07:41 - NDTV reporting panic and major explosions. Police not clarifying, if military procedure or terrorist triggered explosions. Furthermore, several soldiers injured. Deputy Minister again says that the numbers could run to the hundreds.

07:53 - TimesNow reports police confirming 'another terrorist killed' in the Narimani House.

07:56 - NDTV reporter compares this to Kashmir. Calls these 'old terrorist strategies' - with grenades, AK47s, political timing. Saying that these terrorists have come 'here to die'.

CNN-IBN reports police saying there to be 12 terrorists.

Reuters: An Israeli rabbi held hostage. 

08:16 - CNN-IBN reports the hostage situation in Taj Hotel as ended. Many still in Taj locked into different rooms. A N Roy says that terrorists are heavily armed and trained, suggests that fighters are not local. Reports repeat the casualties: 101 dead and 287 injured.

25 still held hostage in Oberoi hotel.

CNN-IBN: Reports of 5 terrorists killed, 1 detained - when referring to previous reports, 6 terrorists still at large. Furthermore, two bombs were defused in Mombay.

NDTV reports 14 police officers killed. CNN-IBN says 11 police officers dead.

NDTV reports of 9 terrorist detained. Also says that 12 more terrorists in Trident Hotel. Furthermore, that more than 100 people trapped inside Trident hotel - 25-30 of them expected to be hostages.

08:33 - BBC reports on unclarity on police reports. Police reports say 'no hostages' and 'no terrorists killed', whereas several major explosions had been heard by several news teams on the scenes. Police reports, that Taj hostage situation now over, many still trapped in their rooms - forces are clearing the hotel room-by-room.

09:15 - NDTV reports of fresh explosions in Taj and Narimani. Possibly a grenade explosions. Repetition of the 25-hostage number inside Trident hotel.






Mumbai under attack