After being exposed as a closet geek by Ian this week I thought I might as well stop repressing the urge to blog about the various techno-stories that surface.

This Tuesday is a huge week in the Mac-world, with Apple confirming that ‘the spotlight turns to notebooks' when they hold a press event at their campus in Cupertino. The announcement ends months of speculation regarding the exact date that new MacBooks and MacBook Pros were being unveiled, with Apple ‘going green' in the latest update to their successful notebook franchise.

The plastic cases of the MacBooks are to be no more, with the technology giant deciding to replace them with the much more eco-friendly aluminium. This move was widely expected, especially after the move to aluminium iMacs last July.

I'm not going to pretend I'm not excited; I'll be the first person to buy one of these if I get the chance. I've long been awaiting the opportunity to fill the dark hole that my Powerbook G4 left when it broke on me back in 2004.

So if any lecturers are reading this and wondering why their lesson is rather quiet on Tuesday; I'm either in line at the nearest Apple store or trying to discreetly follow Steve Jobs' keynote speech at the back of the classroom.

Roll on Tuesday...


I really hope it's ugly so that my Mac can beat yours on at least one thing, Nicholas. If not I'll have to kick your arse at Gears of War two (!!!!) when it comes out - now there's something to be excited about.


For years there has been heated arguments about the 'betterness' of both. Yet, all opinions still come down to personal preference.

In any case, I remember a fiery question from a forum:

Q: "Tell me something, ANYTHING, that Win has that Mac doesnt? Even if just ONE thing?"

A: "Right click. "


...if I'm not mistaken then Cmd + Click on a Mac offers the same functionality of a right-click on Windows. Or two fingers on the track-pad and click. :)

Jaak's post pretty much descibes why i personally prefer windows.. haha.

I know you're less likely to get a virus on a mac... but I have norton for that :) and it does a damn fine job of keeping my laptop sqeaky clean of viruses.

And I might be a bit of a simpleton or something, I don't know, but I just don't get along with them, using right-click is just instinctive as well, so when I try it on a Mac.. (and i do) it's all very annoying. Also, Mac's and the software to go on them are just so darn expensive. In a world where £1.04 per litre of petrol seems like a bit of a bargain, those sorts of pricetags I can do without.

I also think windows is just easier to use in general, I know where everything is and how MOST of it works as it what I was brought up on. 

Mac's do look quite slick though, i'll give them that. But I think i'll stick to what I know. 

Ctrl and a click gives you the right click on a Mac. And seeing as you can run any Windows programme on a Mac I'd say the Mac was better - even if you struggle to work it. So you get to look cool and have Windows all in one... But I do think that if you undo a lifetime of using Windows and transfer over to a Mac you'll never go back.

As for getting excited over one - I will be when they bring out a fully touch screen version.

... you give us all a go on it.

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your obsessed

You're confused. Don't be.


You're = you are


Your = your own.


But you are right that Nick is oddly obsessed.


I love Macs, but find it hard to get excited about some of them coming out in an aluminium case rather than plastic.

I'm not confused, I was slightly careless.

Not so much obsessed. Just excited.

If you want more than an aesthetic change to ponder though, it's odd the way a company such as Apple is planning to employ expensive techniques to fashion the cases out of aluminium, not to mention allegedly moving the whole manafacturing process from Asia to the US, where labour will be significantly higher, right in the middle of a global financial crisis.

Brushed aluminium or white plastic - they all show grubby newsprint finger marks so let's have a Mac that cleans itself thereby making its smug owner always look ultra cleansed but oh so uber metrosexual!  Now that's what I would call style and substance in total harmony! And why Mr James Dyson will always be my hero!

Windows or Mac?

Like Jaak and Rob said, Windows just about edges it. Funnily enough though, XP didn't set the world alight as expected, but at the same time, the Mac has things like the aforementioned button where they have to complicate things by not using the right click option and one button, which annoys me. Whether this was just to be different from Windows, I'm not sure. Steve Jobs is all about style rather than substance in my opinion. I am glad he competed with Bill Gates (don't worry I won't try and regurgitate the ongoing Gates v Jobs debate which computer geeks usually do) and the market needed that diversity. However, Apple generally, are only good for ITunes in my opinion - which is bloody good and for 79p a track, is a bargain - also considering the range of music available too. The Mac's look flashy, but speaking from experience (well my Dad who works with computers everyday for his day job as a geeky "IT Support Analyst" for the BBC - yes, sorry to gloat!) my Dad says the interface is more accessible on a Windows, you can find programs easier and that Macs have a greater tendency to crash. I agree with that, considering I've also used both myself.

However, Apple has ITunes AND has less viruses and spyware, which Rob mentioned. Although, Windows MSN Messenger was a great idea in my opinion, so I think both have their advantages and disadvantages. I'm used to Windows though and more comfortable with it, so, Windows it is.  

If you've ever used a Mac you might be aware of the most amazing button - labelled F3. With a simple click it shrinks everything that you have open into little screens for easy access, which is perfect if you're like me and load a mass amount of software up at the same time etc. This button is more useful than the right click. I'm sick to death of flicking from window to window on a PC.

As for finding programmes easier, you just add your favourites into the dock, just like Windows. However, the Mac has nice little pictures that jump out at you. 

I use Itunes, but let's face it - there are better programmes around for storing music. 

Finally aMSN beats Windows MSN - try it. 


p.s. change can be good! 

I've heard about F3. In my opinion, it's just a combo version of what Win has.

Specifically, ALT-TAB and WIN-M. Same principle.

New MacBooks On The Way!