The library tours in Welcome Week were incomplete because the vital library person was ill. 

So those nice people at the Drill Hall Library, Jackie Wright and Lesley Gould, are putting on some special online training sessions next Thursday, 8 October, as follows. They will include how to log on and view the catalogue and how to find, view and order books and journal articles on the website. Please do go. Anyone writing essays will find this session will save them a lot of time. 

So, on Thursday 8 October:

The international MAs have a training session at 1400. 

First group of first years have a training session at 1510  (see below)

The rest of the MAs have a training session at 1610.

The following Thursday, 15 October, the second group of First Year students has a training session (see below).


First years on 8 October:

 Betts  Miss Renee Lauren 
Botto  Ms Bernardita 
Boulanger  Mr Arthur 
Brophy  Mr Joseph 
Clayton  Miss Indya Jade 
Connolly  Mr James Peter 
Coshan  Mr Joe Lewis 
Dixon  Miss Rachel 
Elcheik  Ms Lara 
Fiore  Mr Tommaso 
Greep  Miss Monica 
Gupta  Miss Shreya 
Haffenden  Mr Michael 
Harman  Mr Charles 
Hills  Mr Sean Robert 
Jenkins  Mr Sebastian 
Khwaja  Mr Mohammad Ismail 
Li  Miss Jujia 
Lloyd  Mr Daniel 
Loke  Miss Elaine 
Mcbain  Mr Rashaud 
Miller  Miss Isabelle 
First years on Thursday 15 October

Moon  Miss Hye Ryeon Katie 
Neave  Miss Siobhan 
Nelson  Miss Katie May 
Nixon  Mr George 
Norris  Ms Lucy Carol 
Pizzey  Miss Chloe Ann 
Ristell  Mr Ethan-Jed Van 
Sadhanand  Mr Rajanga Srinivas 
Sales  Mr Samuel 
Sembhi  Miss Chandni 
Sherratt  Miss Emily 
Spinosa  Miss Ariane 
Teixeira Flores  Mr Joshua 
Terry  Miss Kaya-Victoria 
Tobutt  Mr Alfie George 
Watts  Miss Amelia 


New online library training sessions available for all new students