You would think that our generation is one that has lived to see many things that have been happening across the Globe, but somehow I can’t take this idea out of my head: that as much as we want to admit that we are free, that we think outside the box, that we’re not as conservative or close- minded as some of the generations who came before us, I’ve witnessed to see how more people of my age, at 20 years old, still can’t step outside of  their comfort zone.

What is your comfort zone, anyways, one might ask. Well, for me, personally, it represents the limits that I have, which of course, as any other student at University and not just that, as any other human being, that I want to push. Of course, it’s hard, it’s hurts especially when  those limits are related to coursework and exams, God knows, I had enough of them this year. However, I think that, that's our problem, we’re trying so hard to push those limits at school or university, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that's bad, but my belief is that we do that and somehow forget to push our other limits.

They might not have a name, but we could call them, the social limits. We’re a generation that has been so exposed to this crazy called the Internet, to Social Media and Gadgets that it seems weird to think of us as close-minded, but lately I’ve been noticing that we are. As much as we think that we’re open to everything  and that we accept other cultures, other types of behavior,  sometimes we really don't but you know the drill, you have to say that in order to “be like everyone else”.

The word diversity  has probably been used in the last few years more than ever, since racism issues take place more and more often, who wouldn’t want to say: “We embrace diversity.” That is so “it” right now that we have to say it.

But that is not the only thing, I’ve noticed that as soon as we’re presented with something that is unsul, that might creat discomfort or that might make one look away we say: “Ew, what is that?” As soon as that happens, we flip, we refuse to see anything beyond that first reaction, which is probably normal, anyone would have it, but shouldn’t we, be different?

We see so many things like that in the online world where some might still live in, unfortunately, that somehow we should be used to it, by now, don’t you think? We should be more open-minded and not just ignore somthing simply because we don't understand it.

It’s okay to have a peculiar reaction to something that you haven’t seen before, but why not, try to see beyond that. Next time try and think, maybe there is a message, maybe I should understand something from this if it came in my way.

Next time, try to open your eyes not just to see, physically, but also mentally.

Next time, don't judge. Think.