"Change has come to America"

After a tense and drawn out campaign, victory is justified as Barack Obama now becomes the 44th President of The United States of America and more importantly the first ever black American to run the country.

In my opinion the transition of red states into blue, thus the views of lifelong Republicans, represents what will lead to an improved future for the population of America.  McCain who accepted defeat with grace was 72 and has been depicted as the “true American” yet traditional values have not helped America. At times of such economic insecurity the necessity for a contemporary view is becoming increasingly evident.  

Just 47 and with an enormous amount of 18-29 year old voters supporting him, Barack Obama can relate to the youth of American society and is the epitome of hope and change, two things America desperately needs. Ha has pledged change to conservative American society, promising a “new dawn”.

With 131 million voters this campaign escalated beyond belief, more money was spent on Obama’s victory than on any other US election, yet unlike the republicans at least this money was spent on ensuring success and not on clothes.

In 1964 the revolutionary Civil Rights Act outlawed racial discrimination, yet racism is still a major factor in the USA, therefore the appointment of Obama signifies a change not just for American people but for the world, as its economic and military power exceeds that of any other country. He represents justification and reward for the millions who fought for civil rights throughout the twentieth century and in places like Kenya this acts as a milestone for civil rights developments.

In contrast to Republican John McCain this anti-war, seemingly genuine Democrat hopes to pull troops out of Iraq, although I am anti-war and support this, let's hope this won't leave the Iraqi government in a hugely fragile state. Afghanistan is also a major priority and Obama has talked of plans to negotiate with the unpredictable and violent Taliban however to what result we will see.

He undoubtedly faces enormous challenges and choices, the decisions that he makes over the next year particularly will determine his success as president. For America and to a greater degree the world it seems that the only way out of this huge scale economic crisis will be to plummet further before steadily improving. As he will become the most powerful man in the world Obama can expect incredible amounts of scrutiny and criticism whatever path he chooses for America.

With the need for transformation constantly increasing his true capabilities will emerge in January but until then we can only continue to wait, and ponder over the future of the American people.

Their support and positive reactions will give him the confidence he needs to lead this country from the darkness of the past decade that he must pick up the pieces from. Obama’s positivity and bravery stepping into office after Bush who in just eight years doubled national debt is admirable and some may say foolhardy.

Let us hope that Obama’s lack of experience will not lead him to follow in the footsteps of previous unsuccessful Democrat presidents. Worryingly Gordon Brown ambiguously stated that “serious times need serious people”.

 But instead that his influential and confident character will exceed cynical Republican expectations and lead to a transformation of the United States of America for the better.