The election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th President of the United States of America is a truly momentous event. He has broken down racial barriers and proved that race is no hinderance to seeking high office. The most powerful man in the world is an African-American. This would have seemed unthinkable to people growing up in the Civil Rights era. Many thought that they would never see this day come.

People will look back on this day for a long time to come. The inevitable "where were you when?" question will be asked countless times. I was tucked up in bed after watching the first couple of states being called. Lacking a working TV (thank you Peak House) I watched the BBC's coverage via the internet.

Once Pennsylvannia and Ohio were declared for Obama, it became clear that the election was pretty much in the bag. I woke up to the news that many had expected. Obama had achieved a near landslide of 349 Electoral College votes, and turned red states blue.

The effects of his election will be felt across the world. People will view America in a different light and will hope for a clean break from the George Bush years that have caused so much damage.

Political parties will attempt to use Obama's stunning organisational work as a template to propel them to victory. David Cameron will extol the need for similar change in this country in an attempt to bring the Conservatives back into power, regardless of how farcical it will sound coming from an Etonian.

Expectations and emotions are high, and you can say that the only way from here is down. Obama promises much, and I believe he will find it hard to deliver. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton - the last two Democratic presidents - both failed to live up to expectations after being elected.

Large parts of America still remain vigorously opposed to the skinny African-American with a funny sounding name. A bout of soul searching will follow, but the Republicans will be back. Chances are the 2012 Republican charge will be lead by the pitbull from Alaska, Sarah Palin. But jubilant Democrats will savour this victory first. Heartbreak in 2000 and 2004 has been replaced with elation in 2008.

History has been made.

Obama Breaks Down Barriers and Makes History