Barack Obama's path to the White House started in the New Year and has now resulted in his confirmed presidency and the dawn of a new America.

Replacing George W Bush from the world's top job is a mean feat and offers the world a chance to glimpse life in this newly sudden utopia generated hysterically by the American electorate and globally.

What is telling from this latest money spinning campaign, which involved Obama's employment of Facebook's founder Chris Hughes helping his cause, is that Obama means business.

As he is the first ever Black American president, of whom gained 95 per cent of black votes between the age of 18 and 29, in previously tough swing states for Democrats, including Nevada, Florida and Virginia, it proves his appeal has paid off.

More importantly with his youthful image and his opposition appearing inept (all hail pitbull Sarah Palin), he may well last for years to come.  

Although, what many will question is his ability to put his stylish campaign in to practice, after being labelled as lacking substance.

Obama may not have the military experience of rival Republican John McCain, of whom fought in the Vietnam War and has had almost 25 years experience in the US Senate, but people have seen democracy and hope in Obama.

Suggestions that the son of a Kenyan father and a Kansas mother, is going to freeze the tax structure for 2009 as president and try to end fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, are his main ideals.

Furthermore, if he is able to offer the necessary qualities to stabilise the US economy by ensuring greedy financial instutions hunting bonuses are halted, then he could gain even greater support in the future.

After all, the housing crashes in the US sparked the UK's economic downturn, so it is important the UK takes note.

Foreign policy and how Obama negotiates with rivals at the GN summit and UN meetings over climate change and trade pacts are also vital.

If he succumbs to rival world leader pressure on any issue of which may be controversial, will voters feel as confident with him at the helm?

His victory has been compared to John F Kennedy's ascent to the White House and his New Frontier ideas. If he is anything as good as Kennedy, he will be able to create rockets and end wars on a Cuban scale. 

Also, with Joe Biden an experienced foreign policy expert, as his running-mate, Obama has played his cards right and should have no excuses abroad.

Questionably though, will Obama be able to end the suffering and pain of African-Americans who have endured since Martin Luther King's death in 1968?

Civil rights have gradually improved since and did through Lyndon Johnson's Great Society during his presidential tenure after Kennedy and with Obama, many hope that like Johnson's Social Security and Economic Opportunity acts, he will be able to promise those in the suffering Deep South and decaying Detroit car manufacturing areas, hope.

But, with the most money spent on a campaign ever in presidential history by a candidate for the White House, some may argue Obama is putting one over his electorate.

Although, what is for certain is that democracy appears on the cards, as if Obama's increase of tax credits for low-income workers, subsidies for childcare and improved welfare reform for African-American communities is anything to go by as a modest state legislator between 1997 and 2004, this man has a plethora of plans to deliver.

The Republicans will be stung by this meteroic rise of a virtual unknown, but if Ronald Reagan can become president and act his way to the top, then Obama can certainly prove his credentials too.


Obama offers hope for American change