News of the Rohingya crisis is not new, the BBC, Sky News and other news organisations all over the world has reported on the 'ethinc cleansing' in Myanmar. Even though this humanitarian crisis is still ongoing, there are not many news reports about it at the moment. With this in mind I decided that my blog post this term should be about the diaster that is occuring in South East Asia. 

The original post has been published on my personal blog, but heres an extract from it: 

"What is currently happening in Myanmar is nothing new, similar crises have occurred in 1978 and 1991. Which saw thousands of Rohingyas fleeing mass operations of ethnic cleansing led by the Burmese military and government. This is clearly a humanitarian crisis and yet, the de facto leader of Myanmar and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Aung San Suu Kyi has hardly made an attempt to acknowledge the fact. In a now infamous speech from September 2017, Suu Kyi condemned any human rights violations but failed to acknowledge the military’s role in the mass genocide."

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