A student at the Universities at Medway campus was outraged recently after receiving an extortionate fine for parking in an unauthorised area of a surrounding street. Flori, an eighteen year old student from the University of Kent, returned to her car mid-last week only to find a ticket on her window demanding £60 for choosing the wrong spot to leave her car.

Ian Jones, the parking supervisor at the Medway Council, claims town centres are among the worst places to be hit by fines, as many motorists ignore restricted areas such as double yellow lines on through roads and overstay their allotted time in car parks. However, the council is not responsible for campus parking as it is privately controlled.

For the average student, £60 is a price few can afford to pay with ease especially students, with many spending around £30 on basic necessities such as food, petrol and socialising per week, those still living at home spending slightly less.

Any student driving to and from university should be mindful of parking restrictions around the campus when considering their budget, as one poor decision can result in one of two different categories of fines. For a lower type of fine you can expect to pay anywhere up to £50 for parking illegally and for a higher fine, of which much of the local area is included, can be between £50 and £70.

The council denies being responsible for the severity of the rules in relation to these fines, claiming that their practise is a result of government legislation which they are forced to acknowledge. However, Mr Jones states that “if you pay it within fourteen days of it being issued, the fine can be halved.”

Half a fine however, is a fine nonetheless and is just one more thing for students to add to their list of worries when living away from home.


This is awesome! :)

Not the fact us students get stiffed for money constantly! But the article itself.

Does seem a bit excessive doesn't it? I understand the need for parking regulations but for the penalty to be so over the top? 

I'm a pretty safe driver (if i do say so myself) but as if worrying about other cars, pedestrians, cyclists, learners and general awareness of the road isn't enough, I have to constantly worry about all kinds of speed cameras, places where I can and can't park or wait and how economically I drive because the price of petrol keeps going up and down. Ok, I get that in places, these sorts of things are needed but the sheer amount is getting ever so slightly ridiculous.  

But I am not sure the people that dream up these fines will worry too much about the cost of socialising and transport... less young people getting drunk (if not getting drunk then just being seen in the first place) and the possibility of fewer cars on the road? Wheres the downside to that for those guys?

Just another example to add to the list of disproportionate fines. The guy who got fined for drunk and disorderly behaviour gets £80 and someone who makes an honest mistake could face a fine up to £70? Incredible.

Thanks Kat for the article.

No sense of justice is there?

Park or panic?