The rows of pic ‘n’ mix sit proudly in their containers, the array of stuffed toys smile on the shelves and the Christmas music sings through the store. However, it is possible that this will be Woolworths last Christmas.

As loyal shoppers bustle around the local Twydall store, the sharp pain of defeat is felt by all those in the shop. The markdown prices signal the last stages of survival for the store, as they try to make as much money as possible before each of the stores is sold off.


The latest reports have revealed that the plan to sell each of the stores at £1 has been put on hold in the hopes of selling the units for an increased price later on. However, have the managers of the high street giant forgotten what Woolworths means to the nation? 

Brought over from America in 1909, Woolworths attracted the population with its low prices and colourful selection of products. For the past 99 years, it has been a key figure of the high street, managing to keep the attention of loyal customers, despite the creation of new rivals. However, it appears that Woolworths has run out of luck, just a year shy of its 100th birthday.

With the economy struggling and people watching the pennies, Woolworths should be one of the retail treasures that the nation can rely on to have bargains and cheap thrills. However, with the store’s future looking bleak, it seems Christmas will be even harder for everyday residents as the cheap products disappear from the high street.

Perhaps the most iconic feature about Woolworths is the pic ‘n’ mix aisle. Normally, the area would be at risk of over capacity as children raid the containers and beg their parents for more money so they can get just one last cola bottle in their bag of treats. Instead of being crowded with hyperactive school children, the aisle in the East Kent store lies empty and deserted, with the risk of the sweets going out of date even before they are sold. With even the golden nugget of Woolworths struggling to draw in customers, many people are asking: will Woolworths go out of date along with the sweets?

The store’s largest shareholder, Ardeshir Naghshineh, is desperate to avoid selling the chain of stores for a £1 and talks today have given Woolworths hope as the banks haven’t automatically rejected the idea. The next few days are crucial for the chain if they are to survive and find a way to salvage the business and reach their 100th birthday.

However, if the store does not last the next year, there is no doubt that shoppers will hold fond memories of the chain. Even when the memories of inexpensive goods and ridiculously sugary sweets fade, the store will always have a place in the nation’s hearts, as well as their fillings.


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The snakes always tasted better from woolies! :(

And their ridiculous prices of £8.47 for a CD or something. Just say £8.50 for gods sake!

I shall buy a Woolworths for a £1 easy :D

A place in the nation's heart as well as our fillings