Professional Adviser is looking for another talented, all-round journalist who can break news and write probing analysis and also has the potential to chair events and present video items. They are a resource for financial advisers in the UK and produces easily accessible, need-to-know news, features and analysis focused on financial solutions, business development and industry trends and issues. You can join CFJ grads (and award winning journalists) Tom Ellis and Jayna Rana (who writes for its sister publication Investment Week).

Does writing about finance sound scary? Here's some advice from Jayna Rana:

Some people might be scared if they don’t have any financial knowledge but honestly you learn it all on the job. I didn’t even know the asset management industry existed before this job! It really is a great opportunity for a first job in journalism and writing about something really important and interesting that affects everyone in the world. It can be demanding (as with any job) but the perks are great and your time and effort is really appreciated. Incisive Media is well known for looking after its staff. That’s why I am still here three years later!

The new starter will join the team at a time when they are expanding the repertoire of content we deliver to encompass more ‘evergreen’ features and research, as well as more video, and as such must be comfortable working across all media formats. The successful candidate will be able to file penetrating leads, update the website and write analysis and features. After appropriate training, they will also be able to speak fluently as either a presenter or interviewer at seminars and online audio/video broadcasts.

INTERESTED? There's a full job description attached to this post or you can download it here. You can also email Jayna on


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Professional Adviser is looking for a multimedia journo who can also present videos and events!