With a third of the global population on coronavirus lockdown and me on my third week of quarantine, the list of activities is rapidly shrinking and the days are somehow getting longer.

Though my assignments are piling up, my mind has been on other things. Like can I really finish a whole loaf of garlic bread? Yes, I can. Can I really nap my problems away? Unfortunately, no. Is cutting my hair a good idea? Now this idea has been particularly annoying because a) its obviously not but b) I’m still going to do it. 

I have seen guys on my timelines shaving or bleaching their hair and girls cutting their fringes. Makes you wonder will the new post quarantine trend be buzz cuts, fringes and bleached blonde hairdos?

Anyway, after talking to my friends about my dilemma I convinced myself to do it and here are the results.

It really could be better and I will fix it but I’m not leaving the house in a while so I am okay with the outcome.

If you, like me, are planning on cutting your hair for the first time, here is a video so you are actually prepared, unlike me. 

In my opinion now is definitely the best time to get that crazy haircut or colour you have been wanting to get because no one has to see and it will encourage you to stay inside if it goes horribly wrong.

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Quarantine hairstyles