This is proving to be a very disappointing year for heavyweight boxing. The three best heavyweights seem to be too afraid to fight each-other. It’s clear they’re all trying to take the easiest route to the top rather than provide the huge matchups everyone wants to see. To give some credit to Fury and Wilder, they did provide an epic showdown which Fury arguably should’ve on, but where is the rematch? Where is Joshua or any of them for that matter showing their passion to be the best, let alone be seen as the best? Joshua could’ve at least opted for a rematch with Dillian Whyte. Just six months ago, Joshua asked his followers on twitter who he should fight next, and that he’d promise to fight whoever got the most votes. Between the three options of Fury, Wilder and Whyte, Fury gained the most votes yet here we are six months later and everyone is fighting someone else unknown to boast a better record. Joshua’s next opponent is Andy Ruiz Jr, whose best opponent was Joseph Parker to whom he lost, not very exciting. The same joseph Parker who lost to Joshua only 2 years ago. Fury on the other hand faces Tom Shwarz, another unknown, while Wilder faces Dominic Brezeale which possibly the most interesting matchup of the three. If boxing is about determining the best from the best, how are we going to do that exactly when none of the best want to fight each-other? For grown men who have fought their whole lives you’d expect that they’d want to prove themselves to be better than the rest. The only fighter whose keen enough to take on all three is Whyte and fair play to him, yet none of them will even give him a chance because he doesn’t boast a perfect record after losing to Joshua, and despite being the fourth best heavyweight boxer in the world. How long are the public expected to wait before one of them is brave enough to fight the other. Money and fame aside, the sport of boxing is more important than the value of lifestyle, once two people are in a ring it’s four gloves and a match of pride and ruthlessness. Something we all pay to see between the best. You can watch premier league games all year round, but it’s the champions league finals which are special and what everyone in the world comes together to watch. Realistically, they have to fight each-other at some point, or none of them are as good as they claim to be.




A Sad Year For Heavyweight Boxing