Wagwan, fam.

I just wrote that to attract attention, I don't know what it actually means.

I was recently passed down the ashes of what was formerly known as 'The Medwire', the independent student magazine for the Medway campus, and wasn't entirely sure what to do.

I know there are some second years interested in relaunching and rebranding as a news website (perhaps with a online video component too?), as this is cheaper and more manageable (no stressful monthly deadlines), and I spoke to the first years this morning.

Most universities have student newspapers or news websites, and, while Kent has InQuire, this is based in Canterbury and is run by Kent Union. If people are keen to relaunch The Medwire, then it could be a fantastic opportunity to collect portfolio stories and prepare you for third year news days. 

Also, it's worth mentioning that several stories published by The Medwire back in the day were picked up by KentOnline, BBC News, and MailOnline (where the student got a byline).

A third year last year tried to relaunch The Medwire as a news website called UniON Kent (which sounds a bit too similar to Kent Union), however it soon faded into the abyss. 

So... Third time's a charm?

A Facebook group already exists for students who want to be involved, and it looks positive, so if you are interested in doing some gritty, on-the-ground Medway reporting (or doing other things such as lifestyle, entertainment, or opinion pieces), then feel free to drop me a Facebook message or an email at agt9@kent.ac.uk. Or just follow the disembodied sounds of a Celine Dion song and eventually you'll find me. 

If this takes off, then fabulous. I will be able to pass it down to the first and second years (as well as MAs if any are interested), because third year responsibilities keep me busy. However, on the other hand, if there is little interest, then we can turn up 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra and hold a dignified burial for The Medwire.



Former Medwire Editor here, and I just wanted to express my backing for this idea. When we were running the Medwire before, we managed to get a pretty successful track record of breaking original stories, and were picked up in lot of places - as well as The Mail, Kent Online and BBC you mentioned, there was also the Indy, the Telegraph, Guardian etc and the work I did on it undoubtabtly got me my first job.

We also got a lot of awards, which I think would be super easy for you to replicate, as well as funding from local businesses.

If I can ever be of any help, please do let me know as the Medwire was my baby, the SPA has lots of advice for indy publications and making it sustainable, as well as using the ace content from news days!


Should we bring back The Medwire?