All those who applied for the Sky News Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship have now been contacted individually, so I can publish details of the shortlist. Congratulations go to (alphabetically) Laura Hartmann, Alan McGuinness, Lucy Ross-Miller, John Saunders and Kelsey Williams. They will undergo a written test and a panel interview tomorrow (and should check their emails for some addditional details).

Those who didn't make the shortlist should be far from disheartened. All the CfJ staff who were involved in the process, and the editorial develepment manager of Sky News, were impressed by the range and the quality of ideas on offer in the submitted treatments. It's an indication of how far you've come in a short period of time that you're capable of producing such good work from a difficult brief.


Congratulations guys! :D

Best of luck for the interviews and the test. 

I didn't realise there was 5 spots, I knew about John, Kelsey, Alan and Laura so well done Lucy too!


Yeah well done guys! Good luck to you all tomorrow I'm sure you will all be amazing!

knock them out, my lovelies!

p.s. Seeing as you lot missed out on tonight's pizza-snakebite-guitarhero-combo, come down to Cooper's friday evening. No excuses accepted.


And good luck everyone!

Sky News Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship: the shortlist