With 2008 reaching its climax and no more really important sporting events left to go, I was just wondering what everyone thought about this years Sports Personality of the Year Award.

I expect the leading contenders will be: Chris Hoy for his epic achievement in the cycling at the olympics, Rebecca Adlington in the swimming who I think was the favourite, Andy Murray for his rise up the ATP Rankings and of course the hero of the weekend Lewis Hamilton. You MIGHT include Theo Walcott, Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and maybe Ryan Giggs for his achievements this year.

Who do you think will win and why?

Any others I may have missed out who you think deserve it? 

If it was up to me, I would pick Lewis Hamilton, if he had missed out on the title I would go to Becky Adlington, but because Hamilton has had to deal with the pressure from his fans in the UK, pressure from his Team and from himself. He's had to face his critics from fellow drivers past and present and lets not forget the horrid decisions by the FIA handing him penalty after penalty. First British driver since Damon Hill in '96, he's reignited a passion for the sport which is, even without the likes of Hamilton and Button, dominated by Britain. He's the youngest ever champion and first ever black champion, I deem that relevant after the waves of racial abuse he has recvieved from a variety of countries. 

I think he's got it hands down to be honest. But I could be wrong... wanna bet John? haha 


I think that Hamilton will win and I hope he does.

I do think Addlington will get 2nd, with Murray in third. Its kind of a shame that in such a successful olympic year that an olympian wont win it, but I still think Lewis' achievement deserves a victory and I will defo be voting for him!

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