I’ve just spent the most wonderful weekend in Disneyland Paris with my boyfriend. The past weekend made me think about magic. No not wave your magic wand and a dress appears magic, nor the slight of hand version of magic. What I mean are the tiny bits of magic we sometimes take for granted.


Picture: Me and Will enjoying our weekend of magic for his Birthday.



There is a certain magic in enjoying being a child, just letting go of stresses of university and life and money and enjoying the rides based off you favourite films. Taking in all the new rides as if I was 10 years old again was definitely a highlight. 


Picture: Me and my Brothers on our first trip to Eurodisney - Summer 2006



There’s also a magic in enjoying these experiences with friends, family and loved ones. When I first came to Disney I was 8ish years old. My brothers were younger than school age back then. Needless to say that was a long time ago. Now they are both taller than I, but I still remember our childhood innocence at the time. I remember getting excited to meet characters and getting scared in the scarier rides and thinking thunder mountain was a big kid rollercoaster. Since then I have been with friends that became family and family members that have passed. Each step I took reminded me of these times that I hold so dearly in my heart.


Picture: My brothers (except for the baby one) more recently so you can appreciate how much they've grown, me not too much. 



This time was particularly special. I got to share it with my wonderful boyfriend to celebrate his birthday. He also has magical childhood memories from Disneyland so we got to share those with each other. We passed on traditions and laughed about our memories here. And that’s the most magical thing of all. Now having fun and using imagination and childlike wonder connects me to so many people and how I am so lucky to have such amazing experiences past present and future.

A sprinkle of Disney Magic