You might know her, you might have heard of her you might have had a fantasy about her in your teenage years or you just saw her pictures and thought: "Who is this girl? I want to marry her." Truth is everyone wanted her, from young boys to grown men or who knows, maybe women. Every photographer wanted and still wants to take her pictures, every designer wanted and wants her to be the face of their new product or to have her on their runway. You're probably wondering who am I talking about and here is your answer:

-The one and only: Kate Moss.

Now, some of you might not have heard of her which it's not a good thing but that's okay because I'm here now and I will tell you everything there is to know about this supermodel. Okay, I'm not going to bore you with things like how old she is, where she was born or what the color of her eyes is, you can find all that on her Wikipedia page or on many other websites. I'll try to make you see her through my eyes, I don't know if I'll succeed since for me she's an icon and I just love what she represents and stands for but still maybe some of you will share my views.

This "thing" I have for her began, I think, a few years ago when I found some of her pictures, of course at that time I didn't know who she was but I found her face fascinating so of course as any teenager I published those pictures on my Facebook profile not having a clue of who she was. Being as crazy as I am for models I found out everything there was to know about her, asap and I was amazed and intrigued by Kate Moss.

I guess every model has her type of beauty and something of her own but with Kate it was not just that. Truth be told when she started, her colleagues looked like they could be her mother, models like Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista and other great supermodels of the 90', they were all tall and voluptuous and Kate was anything but that. She is a very petite, skinny girl with a baby face but even so, she succeeded in making everyone from designers to photographers and managers fall in love with her looks.

She embodied the "sex, drugs and rock & roll" life-style and it couldn't have suited her better. I guess that's one of the reasons I like her, during a time when everyone in the fashion world was trying to hide what was going on behind closed doors she was just putting all out there, for the world to see. Not everyone is brave enough to do that and still model and be on the cover of so many Vogue issues. Of course there were repercussions like the scandal in 2005 when she was photographed doing cocaine and some of the big brands she was representing, like Chanel and H&M, dropped her but she got back on track after that.

Everyone wonders how she got so lucky and was so successful but let's not forget that she is a sexy woman, Kate Moss is a sexy woman and that is the basis for so much. Of course these days the idea of sexy is just a naked body but I believe that sexiness has nothing to do with that, yes that can be a factor but not the final verdict. Kate manages to look at you in a certain way or just her attitude in a picture makes you think of her as a sexy woman and you just watch her and feel that.

Now, what I told you is just a glimpse of what Kate really is but I hope I managed to make you guys curious. Kate Moss was, is and will always be a style icon and a great supermodel. The way she presents herself to the world it's just something else.

They want that Kate, Kate, Kate