Unbiased about the World Cup, is that even possible?
My answer is yes, even though the World Cup is one of the events where people from all over the world come together and start watching football together and supporting their teams. Of course there are people who aren’t interested in football and won’t support any of the teams, but most football fans are supporting one of the countries competing.
My home country didn’t qualify for the World Cup and I won’t support any other team during that time. Luxembourg is one of the smallest Football nations in Europe, which didn’t qualify for the World Cup 2018 and has never done before.
Luxembourg finished 5th (out of 6) in their qualification group and their biggest success was a 0-0 draw against France and a 1-0 win against Belarus, but unfortunately, we also lost 5-0 to the Netherlands and even 8-0 to Sweden.
Our national stadium only has a capacity of about 8,000 and even though tickets are cheap, it is nearly never sold out.

Even though Luxembourg’s football federation is currently ranked 83rd in the FIFA world ranking, which is their best ever position, the “Roud Leiwen” (Translation: Red Lions) are still a semi-pro team with some of the players only being part-time players.
Supporting the national team of Luxembourg means suffering a lot when they loose another game against one of the big teams, but it also means a lot of excitement when it comes to a draw against a big team, or sometimes even a win.
Although Luxembourg isn’t one of the best teams and doesn’t play in the big competitions, I will always support them and go to as many games as I can. I will certainly watch some of the World Cup games this year and I might be biased in some of the games, but I won’t support any of the teams and I still hope to see Luxembourg competing one day in one of the big competitions.

Unbiased about the World Cup, is that even possible?