Elections in Nigeria is aways marred by divides, finger pointing, polity shakers and those always seeking for the system to turn back to regional government. This time round no real difference exists, except with the assertions that Borno state has oil and looking to partner with the Chadians to develop its oil well so it can secede from the rest of Nigeria. However, one cannot run away from the fact that Nigeria, oil or no oil is in serious trouble. Religious and tribal divides are at its peak with killings almost every day from such, to compound it insecurity is at its highest with protest killings, wrongful imprisonment, herdsmen, boko haram, kidnappings and assasinations as a daily occurence.

In December 2018 amnesty international recorded the death toll between farmers and herdsmen at 4,000, while the death toll for boko haaram continues to rise. Each day more and more people are taking up arms in a bid to right their own wrong which continues to fuel the instability within the country. 

Consequently, the presidents inability to curb the ongoing crises is adding more fuel to the fire as he seems to be allowing it to unfold in his bid to return as president. In 2015, I wrote an article Nigeria's race to the presidency disintegration: prediction or destiny? In it I described how, based on knowledge at the time, Buhari's legacy as president would be and even hoped that his Vice would probably be able to steer things if need be. But, unfortunately his vice has largely been a sitting duck and Mr President legacy exactly as I had predicted. 

What Nigeria needs is a change from what it currently is still trying to form as the political norm. Democracy in Nigeria is still taking its form and it is now it needs to get a grip on the reigns of what should be Nigeria's political platform. Rather than emerge with 2 dominant parties it should give room for parties with credible candidates to show what they can do. APC is not yet a dominant political party like PDP and even then PDP may have dominanted for 16years, basically since the start of its democratic move from military rule, but it still can not really be the dominant party, as other parties have not given it a run for its limited intellectual might, but overly stuffed funding purse. 

We need to stop allowing our views to be shaped by the one with the most money, but the one with the intellectutual clout. Parties like Allied Congress Party, with its presidential nominee as Oby Ezekwesili, and Social Democratic Party, with Donald Duke as its presidential nominee, exists. There are over 30 parties with some reputable nominees that Nigerians can rally behind. We need to start thinking and stop allowing people to think for us. All this food and money packaged deals in exchange for votes buying is what is truly killing us.

If there be anytime to have a revolution it will be now using the pvc, as our revolutionary tool and not bloodshed, to vote out and tell the old leaders fighting for a come back that their time is up. Why rally behind a man who has robbed Nigeria in trillions of naira and pounds. Is it to let him return to rob us off of whatever we have left in his Atikulated way. It is time for Nigeria to wake up and stop the bribery and corruption, stop the divide, say no to any more insecurities and being played based on tribal and ethnic divides. 

What we should be looking for are credible candidtaes with manifestoes showing proper strategic plans on how to bring Nigeria out of the duldrum it currently is in. Until we, as a people, are ready we will only continue to be fed our souls in exchange for our destinies. Selah!

Weak Economy, Regional Administration or Shake the Polity, which way Nigeria?