Guns 'n' Roses actually releasing their long-awaited album Chinese Democracy, perhaps?!

Rumour has it that the well-known Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc. made a promise of a free Dr Pepper to everyone in America if the new album was released before the end of 2008. Unfortunately when they said everyone, they didn't mean everyone; ex-band members Slash and Bucket head have been excluded from this once in a lifetime offer, not that they will be losing any sleep over it I imagine!

Frontman Axl Rose acknowledged the failure of the company to follow through with their word and the band's lawyer has accused the company of using the band in a disaster campaign, defrauding customers.
Words such as "exploited" , "brazenly violated" and "use and abuse" can be found in his letter to the company, demanding that they extend and make true their offer as well as make a public aplogy in four of America's top selling papers!

The offer, which surfaced in March of this year, promised a free can of Dr Pepper to every man, woman and child in the United States if the duely anticipated album made it to it's due date by the end of the year.

The company have declined to make a statement on this proposed offer but it is suspected that they may just do as they are told! 

Will they come through or will the well loved soda company's promise go flat?

(I have to admit I did a Kelsey on this piece and somehow managed to go back a page when I hit back-space....this piece is only just shorter than the last but I had a cracking, pun filled sentence in the last piece that I can't for the life of me remember!!!)



They must be kicking themselves. I think a lot of people had given up hope of seeing the album, and it had been given numerous dates before and failed to surface. It was starting to become a bit of a joke and took on an 'urban myth' type status.

They had 13 years in which they could have gotten away with this!

What's the worst that could happen?