After a breaking news happened in US about the shooting at YouTube today, people all around the world express their mourning towards the victims. But when I open the Weibo ( Chinese Twitter), what I can see from the comment was “ why there is a HQ for a unexisting website ?” “ 404 not found” “ what is YouTube ? one kind of food ?” . 

Since 2009, Chinese government started to ban the foreign websites like FB, Twitter, Ins and YouTube, although some people would use VPN to use them, but in recent years, Chinese government regulate VPN more strictly so that a big amount of Chinese people even don’t know what is FB and Youtube.

To be honest, I never know what is true freedom of expression before I came to the UK. Everyone would really careful about their words living under china, there are so many cases happended just because of careless of the words.

Chinese people scared to talk about politics in public area, there is many people arrested because they talk something “wrong” about the politics or president. Some journalist tried to report the truth before. For example, a famous journalist named Jing Chai, has made a documentary about the air pollution in China, people never know about how extreme air condition do harm to their health before this, because what people can see from the weather forecast is a fake information. After she publish the documentary, we never see her again , and of course, that documentary is blocked. 

Everything is a two edged sword, ban of the foreign websites maybe stopped some unhealthy information or some information related to national security, but at the same time, it also blocked the way people connect to a bigger world. 

So become a journalist in china is a dangerous and hard job. 

"Why there is a HQ for an inexistent website ?"