Compare eight people to 3.6 billion; imagine the amount of space it would take to fit eight humans into a room and the amount of land it would take to fit billions of us. It is a huge difference, obviously, yet it is evidence that we need to crack down on equality throughout the world.

Oxfam has recorded analysis saying the world’s eight richest men own as much as the poorest half of the entire world. Though this may not be entirely accurate (there has been dispute) the issue is still relevant, and has been for far too long.

It isn’t how that is important; it is why have we let this happen, although if you want to become a billionaire it is worth the research. I understand those who are rich give a large sum of money to charity, and that is great, I commend them for their kind and pure hearts. However that is beside the point, their benevolence does not change the fact that people are poor.

Some may believe the thought of eight extremely rich beings giving money to people to lower the prior statistic is absurd, they earned it, they don’t want to, so that is fair. Unfortunately a lot of people believe this is normal, but hopefully, many people disagree. There is no instant way to remedy poverty, nor do I have the knowledge to provide anyone with advice. The most I could say is donate to charity, or become filthy rich and offer it to people less fortunate than yourself. It is essential to call attention to how terribly dire this situation is and to people who can help but haven't, you should probably do something.

The focus of the upcoming Economic Forum in Davos is the rise of populism. While many attendees arrive in private jets, many of us support the concerns of ordinary people, words I found typing the word ‘populism’ into my search engine. I still however, hope that the politicians, bureaucrats and intellectuals that turn up are able to discuss something that will benefit the world in a time where people are united in so many ways and divided in others.

Discussed last year, and what appears to be a continuous problem, is technology and its powerful advancements in today’s society. The issue is not that we are moving on, I invite change. Rather the fact that no one can afford it, apart from perhaps eight men who happen to be the wealthiest males in the world. The fact they are all male is another issue, nevertheless, that is a problem that needs to be brought up elsewhere.

The new iPhone for example is a great example of rejected change. This, I believe, is due to people being unable to afford a £700 phone then notice they cant listen to music so are obligated to purchase a pair of £150 Airpods. All of this to feel technologically advanced and enjoy the benefits of innovative creations that are moving our society forward. I welcome this with open arms, but a firmly closed purse.

Why can we, people on an average wage shall we say, not reap the benefits of technology and the great inventions of our time, because I sure would love to. I cannot regrettably, due to my already crippling debt provided by my desire for further education. Which is a shame and again another problem that needs highlighting in its own right.

I am not in the 3.6 billion who share the same wealth as eight rich men, at least not that I am aware of. I am grateful for where I am in the world and hope to be able to help those poorer than myself financially when I gain the ability to do so. I just wonder, will it ever end? It seems interminable. But here is to hoping that the figures eight and 3.6 billion change as soon as we can force them to.

You really can have too much money