Well it's taken a while because of the complex scientific rigour involved in the judging process, but the, erm, panel of assessors has finally agreed the winners of the Christmas blogging incentive scheme.

So without further ado, here they are:

Best student post about a journalism issue: Rebecca Hughes for her pro-Twitter (anti-Bryony Gordon) posting.

Best blog general blog posting: John Saunders for his account of a demonstration against the bombing of Gaza.

Best pick of the day: Mylo Wilkin for this post about the crowdsourced photo-mapping web site (even though he didn't actually put it in the pick of the day section...)

Best comment: Rob Hughes (oops, Hayes) for his paranoid thoughts about the loose change in his ashtray.

I promised music vouchers for these categories, so let me know if you want them as itunes vouchers or something more old fashioned.

Meanwhile, it's time to re-establish the weekly rota for web site editor. The Gods of Journalism have chosen Nick Poskitt to be the first in charge this term.



This pleases me! The music thing, not that I seemed to have married Becci and taken her name... 

Christmas blog winners and new site editor